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“ancora was developed to bring simplicity to a technology that historically has been complex, over-priced and difficult to configure, install, use and maintain.”
– Noel Flynn, Founder and CEO

Why We Are Different

Easy to Use

Good software should just work. That’s our motto and we back that that up by making our products easy to install and configure with our unassisted machine learning and artificial intelligence. No complicated or time-consuming setup.

Quick ROI

Our simple deployments, with customers going live in days not weeks or months, allows us to address the smaller SMB customers that have always been unable to cost justify a solution like ancora. Regardless if it is a customer processing less then 500 invoices or documents per month or a customer processing hundreds of thousands per month our solution provides a quick and measurable ROI.


Innovate, implement, and repeat. We listen to our customers, partners, and our R&D team and pack each major release with some serious innovation. As we all know, when it comes to tech. “Innovate or Die”

In the Cloud

Our multi-tenant cloud solution with browser-based clients allows our customers that are looking to remove the overhead of enterprise applications from their data center to the cloud. Our cloud solution is hosted in Microsoft’s world class Azure platform providing the required security, redundancy, etc. to our customers.
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

ancora Software: Who We Are

The premise behind ancora Software is to finally bring to market an advanced data capture solution that does not come with the typical complexity and over engineered features and functionality that has resulted in difficult to use, difficult to implement, difficult to support and over priced Capture software.

Through ancora we are enabling companies around the world to dramatically reduce the costs and inefficiencies of manual data entry—as well as other manual processes.

Manual data entry creates an often-hidden cost, as the task of keying data is usually dispersed across departments and employees. However, it extracts a real price in terms of lost productivity and increased labor costs. When employees are keying data, they are not focused on their core duties—and that hampers a company’s ability to accomplish work efficiently. ancora removes that burden by automating data entry. Other hidden costs stemming from data inaccuracies, manual document sorting, filing, and more are also eliminated with automation.

Our solutions are capable of identifying and capturing data from nearly any business document allowing us to add value to nearly any organization. ancora eliminates hours of manual data entry while improving productivity and accuracy.

Global Organizations using ancora Today
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Coupa Inspire 2024: During Inspire, tap into the knowledge of Coupa’s extensive global community, comprising over 3,000 customers, to discover strategies for unlocking enhanced business performance, profitability, and growth.

Aria Las Vegas, 4/22 – 4/24

DocuWorld EMEA 2024: DocuWorld is DocuWare’s annual partner conference, featuring learning and networking with peers, the DocuWare team, and alliance companies. Come together to hear new ideas and gain insights into the latest office technology products and solutions in the field of information management.

Berlin, 4/25 – 4/26

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Featured Products


ancora Invoices

ancora Invoices is available on-premise or in the cloud. Our patented unassisted machine learning algorithms eliminate the need for customized setup and templates for each vendor, simply identify your field for extraction and start processing, including line item detail. Eliminate manual sorting and data entry, improve the accuracy of your data and reduce AP invoice processing time and cost.

ancora Sales Order Automation

ancora Sales Order Automation is available on-premise or in the cloud.  Our patented unassisted machine learning algorithms eliminate the need for customized setup and templates for different formats, simply identify your field for extraction and start processing, including line item detail.  Eliminate manual sorting and data entry, improve the accuracy of your data and get the sales orders processed faster improving your cash flow and customer experience.

ancora Enterprise

Utilizing what ancora calls “Document Understanding,” this revolutionary product automatically distinguishes among thousands of document types and formats to allow for the document classification, high-speed advanced capture, indexing, and validation on almost every type document. ancora Enterprise supports OCR, ICR, barcodes and mark sense. Process HR documents, mortgage loan documents, insurance forms, medical records, etc. Eliminate manual sorting and manual data entry on these and other form types.

ancora Intelligent Document Classification

ancora Intelligent Document Classification using machine learning, artificial intelligence and neural networks provides the ability to easily classify, categorize and sort any document type. Our patented technology mimics the way a human would identify documents by looking at several characteristics of the document, like size, location of information, the type of information, tables, pictures or logos and content. We do not rely on anchor points, identification of first and last page and key words.

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