Manufacturing and Distribution

For many firms the difference between profit and loss often rests upon their ability to wring inefficiencies out of seemingly mundane processes. 

If an organization can trim even a few seconds from the time required to scan a document, that savings, multiplied by the number of documents scanned in one day, multiplied by the number of scanners used throughout the company, often mushrooms into a substantial sum that goes straight to the bottom line. 

ancoraDocs Key Performance Metrics

Reduce Processing Time by 85%
Reduce Processing Costs by 65%
Reduce Errors by 95%

Streamline the Process

ancoraDocs can import shipping manifest and bills of lading, from paper, email, or fax servers. With our automated processing capabilities. Using OCR and machine learning, if the shipment matches the PO, you don’t even have to touch it. Save time by only looking at exceptions.

“Fast invoice and receiving document processing has allowed us to take advantage of vendor discounts”

Identify Data Discrepancies

Our built in business rules engine, validates the invoice is correct and balanced and alerts users where data discrepancies need to be resolved.

  • Validate the quantity order verse shipped
  • Confirm full receipt of the order
  • Ensure the subtotal matches the grand total
  • Detect and prevent under-shipments

Reduce Costs

ancoraDocs has been proven to eliminate costs within your Receiving department. On average our customers reduce shipment processing costs by up 65% purely from reduced touch points, elimination of data entry, reduction in data errors.

ERP and Workflow Approval System Integration

We provide native and standard exports for many of the leading ERP and Workflow and Document Management Systems. Making ancoraDocs easy to implement within your organization by eliminating the time and need to custom integration and development.

Start Transforming your Receiving Department Today

Our customers see an ROI often in a little as 3 months. What’s holding you back? Contact Us and start streamlining your AP processes today!