Record Delivery

Record Delivery closes the gap between most imaging platforms forget. Record Delivery users with the ability to follow the chain of document custody from receipt in the mailroom all the way through to the imaging and to either delivery to the document to the downstream business owner or to archive and storage.

Cloud Ready

Record Delivery is browser based and its distributed architecture makes cloud deployments a breeze. Record Delivery can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid offering.

Track Inbound Packages

Tracking each package received along with the loan level contents, Record Delivery reduces the likelihood of misplacing critical documents.

Track Each Document

Powered by machine learning techniques. ancoraDocs Enterprise, eliminates the typical setup process. Just define your fields, and click on the value. Its that simple. No complicated rules or RegEx patterns to learn!


High level reporting along with custom filters, allow you to quickly identify any documents that haven’t been fully processed and better yet, identify any missing documents.

Shipping Manifest

Automatically generate shipping manifest that provide a clear list of the documents being delivered to custodian, another department, or another organization.

Box Storage

Our Box Storage capability allows the user store a document in a specific box. So if the document needs to be retrieved, it can be done quickly and easily. No more hours spent looking for the “needle in a haystack” or “a document in a mountain of paper”