Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare organizations routinely struggle to contain costs while delivering superior levels of medical treatment. Many have found ancoraDocs solutions to help them address both these concerns.


Agency processes can often be seasonal or cyclical in nature. Our flexible architecture allows government agencies to throttle the system up to meet peak demands and free up and reallocate costly server resources during the rest of the year.

Document Classification

ancoraDocs can automatically recognize and extract a wide range of data from documents such as:

  • Medical Records
  • Lab Reports
  • Claim Forms
  • EOB’s
  • Etc.

Reduce Costs

Our solutions can reduce manual data entry and processing costs by up to 85%. Make your budget stretch further by leveraging our easy to use, document based machine learning to automate your department’s data entry and document processing requirements.

Stay Compliant

In a world of increasing cyber threat, ancora Software, will keep you update to ensure compliance with best practices and regulatory requirements to ensure your documents are always secure.

Browser based, and hosted behind your firewall, or from our secure cloud. Access and process documents from anywhere. Improve response times and quality of service.