ancoraDocs Enterprise

ancoraDocs Enterprise is ancora Software’s new-generation, universal document capture and forms processing system, available on-site or in the cloud. Utilizing what ancora calls “Document Understanding,” this revolutionary product automatically distinguishes among thousands of document types and formats to allow for the high-speed capture, classification, indexing, recognition, data entry and validation of most any document received by your company.

Cloud Ready

ancoraDocs is browser based and its distributed architecture makes cloud deployments a breeze. ancoraDocs can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid offering.

Document Classfication

Automatically classify documents based on content and layout. Just provide a few samples and ancoraDocs Enterprise learns the rest. We automatically detect where documents start and stop and identify them by type.

Advanced Data Capture

Powered by machine learning techniques. ancoraDocs Enterprise, eliminates the typical setup process. Just define your fields, and click on the value. Its that simple. No complicated rules or RegEx patterns to learn!


Gain valuable insight into your business processes by measuring key performance indicators like system and user productivity, the percentage of system automation, and user accuracy

Barcode Recognition

Barcodes can be used to identify the start or end of document, the individual document type, or extracted as field value. We support all 1D and 2D formats.


All communication and traffic in transit is encrypted and secured. Robust user and group management ensures users only have access to the type of work they are permitted to process.

Scan, UNC, and Email Import

Import Documents from Email, Fax, FTP, or a UNC Folder or Scan paper documents directly into ancora Enterprise. The distributed architecture enables imports all across your organization.


Output is delivered either in pdf or tiff and data is delivered in XML, CSV, or SQL. We also offer outbox integrations with our technology partners.