Document Classification

Identifying, classifying, categorizing, and separating different document types is a human labor-intensive process. Imagine the possibility of software being able to do this for you and do it the same way you as a human would do it.

Our Intelligent Document Classification solution can provide this for many different document types.

• AP Invoices
• Mortgage Loan Files
• Auto Dealer Deal Jackets
• Medical Records
• Human Resources
• Legal Documents

How our Classification Software Works

When a person looks at a document to identify what that document is, they rarely would start reading that document left to right and top to bottom. They would look at the attributes of the document and based on what they see in a split second they can identify what it is. Attributes could be the size of the document, the layout of the text, the presence of picture, logos or tables, prominent words, or phrases or simply just the familiarity of a document they have seen many times before.

ancora’s Intelligent Document Classification software does exactly the same thing, our artificial intelligence algorithms mimics the way a human would identify a document by looking at the attributes of the document as listed above and doing a comparison to similar documents it has seen before. ancora’s classification software works differently than anyone else in our space today, and we actually have 2 US patents on our technology.

Streamline the Process

Taking the human labor out of identifying and classifying documents will streamline your processes. Employees will no longer spend hours or days identifying documents for your paper intensive processes.

Identifying Missing Documents

Our classification solution will not only identify documents but will also call attention to missing documents that are required for business rules and compliance. We can also verify if signatures are present on documents requiring signatures.

Reduce Costs

ancora’s Intelligent Document Classification software will greatly reduce your cost of handling paper and electronic documents streamlining your paper intensive processes.

Data Extraction

Once the documents are classified and identified our data extraction software will extract required data elements from your documents based on the document type. Some documents may only require a couple fields extracted; others may require many. No need to separate the documents out based on data extraction required, the software will do it automatically.