Creating a Classification Model

The purpose of the Classifier Demo is to create a model that will be used to classify documents based on specific Document Types within a Batch Type.

This process has two main steps: Creating a Document Library and Creating a Classifier

1. Create a Document Library

Create a Root Folder for your Document Library

Within the root folder create a separate sub folder for each Document Type. Then within each Document Type folder include pdf or multi-page tiff samples of each document type. We recommend at least 40 samples of each document type.

Note the spelling must match the spelling used in creating the Document Type in the Admin panel. Misspelling the document type will result in the system not classifying documents once batches are being processed through the server.

2. Create a Classification Model

Locate the ClassifierDemoWithAPI.exe application and run it as an administrator. It is typically found in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Classifier API Demo

Once the application opens click on Options>Train New Classifier

Choose the location to store the model and create a new folder

Choose a primary and secondary language and hit OK

Choose your folder that contains the library with your sample documents

Once the model has been completed you will receive a success message

Note: Building a Classification Model may take hours to complete depending on the number of Document Types and samples in the Library.