ancoraDocs Classification API

The ancoraDocs Classification API is designed to embedded within your Line of Business or Document Imaging System. It can be resale and distribution model makes it ideal for OEM implementations.

With the ancoraDocs Classification API you can automatically sort, route, and identify documents based on their content. Eliminating user input, and manual sorting costs.

Make your applications Smarter and more intuitive for end users by leveraging our auto document classification API.

Machine Learning Based

Our Classification API is built using machine learning algorthyms and is able to quickly learn new documents by just providing a few key samples.

Document Intuition

We identify documents by looking for the features that make them unique. Taking titles, fonts, font size, and the content and layout into consideration.

Multiple OCR Engines

Our classification engine leverages multiple OCR engines in a voting algorithm to attain the highest levels of accuracy.

Tag Documents

Tag the documents with the Doc Type, category, and other relevant data. Making down steam business decisions easier and more automated.